Description: Acoustic guitar and ukulele lead the way in this song like cue.

Description: Optimistic country tune created with drums, bass, guitars, banjo, violin and claps and accompanied by male vocal sample. The western style music is perfect for some performance, tv or radio show, arcade game, footage of country fair of country life. The fun piece makes you dance. It will suit any project where you need to add some western touch.

Description: This one is a bit dark and rhythmic royalty free melody in the unique country rock style that passes a dark and romantic atmosphere of the great Wild Wild West! Its amazing musical phrase of groovy and filthy bass lines, dobro slide guitars, magical fiddles and a strong rock drum beat will help you enhance your advertising videos, film scores and commercial video production. Feel free to use this intriguing and driving music piece also in your video games, promos, openers and documentaries and your uniqueness will be highly appreciated!

Description: This is a fun, upbeat, catchy and happy track, with an air of country music. Includes acoustic guitar, guitar electric, bells, contrabass and drums. Ideal background piece for happy branding, cartoons, and children commercials.

Description: This slow and leisure western composition will rock your socks off with these marvelous Dobro resonator acoustic guitar sounds, stunning harmonica, vibrating vibes of electric slide guitar themes and a nice, drum groove! It's perfectly composed in the style of the Wild West and absolutely suitable for your video and film production, trailers, video games, app promos, infomercials, vlogs, intros and openers, you tube and social media contents.

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