Description: Spacey rises, percussive synth stabs, smooth ambient synth melodies, vocal chants, hard pounding MPC style drums, and low 808 sub bass.

Description: It is a untypical trap beat because I mix a spacial and calm sound with the base percussion of trap. Its generates a modern and urban sound with a pacific melodys. The sence that it reach can be used in media that needs something that sound modern but not to aggressive or basic like other tracks, the hypnotical sequence of this beat its perfect for this situations and many others, like presentations, advertisings, commercials, viral marketing, youtube background, pormotional videos, etc.

Description: Epic Trap with orchestral strings heavy snares and kick drum.

Description: It is perfect for preview, slideshow, teaser, trailer, urban, street, youth video, street lifestyle video, YouTube video, fashion show video, photo collage, time lapse clips, promotion, advertising, technology and other of your needs!

Description: My new track . Just trap , good trap for you ;)

Description: Epic sounding Hip Hop Tension with Trap elements.

Description: victorious Epic Trap beat with horns that invokes the presence of a winner.

Description: Energetic Pop is fresh, catchy, corporate, upbeat, positive, happy, fun, modern, club dance indie pop rock party anthem with uplifting harmonies, cool guitars, melodic synthesizers, deep bass, powerful beats. Perfect for: TV-shows, commercials, corporate projects, movie trailers, radio, presentations, promotions, games, youtube videos, films.