Description: kind of quirky , pizzicato strings in fun chasing contrappunto.

Description: A very soft piano and pad piece...perfect for any setting from a love scene to any other calm emotion

Description: Acoustic piano forms the basis of this evocative and uplifting track.

Description: Very touching romantic and sentimental piano and orchestral composition. Perfect choice for film - movie projects, news, trailers, games or any other motivational, inspirational project.

Description: quirky , ukulele , trombone,acoustic.

Description: Emotional, inspiring piece with piano and strings. Very elegant and passionate atmosphere.

Description: A quirky, lighthearted orchestral track which gives some sense of mystery, sneaking about, mischief… Orchestration: Pizzicato strings, vibes, marimba, percussion, woodwinds, shakers. Track length: 1:37

Description: Solo electric guitar instrumental nice dreamy effects. A sense of contemplation, a touch of suspense, mystery, tension, edgy. Deep dark poignant. Slow easy spacious. Good for documentary film television scenes. Captivating hypnotic. A dreamy dark sound. A sense of wonderment questioning and what might be next.

Description: Thoughtful, caring and gentle light theme. Features steady rhythmic harp with gently swelling synth pads and strings into piano harp and strings. Contains mood and pace changes. Perfect for human emotion, nature and the natural world. Main mix, piano u/score, 60, 30 and 10sec versions

Description: Laid-back Blues/Folk track with emotional, reflective atmosphere. Guitar, piano and light percussion.

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