Description: 60s style theme tune. men from uncle/bond/sort of thing. big brass etc.

Description: Very sad and mournful strings, unrelenting sorrow.

Description: Suspense clock ticking waiting for meditate research unknown.

Description: Hopeful orchestral music with strings, percussion and woodwinds. Perfect for underscore emotional scenes like thinking and decision making.

Description: sad , classical guitar driven arpeggio, and strings.

Description: Percussive, business-oriented cue useful for tv and film scores, corporate and commercial.

Description: Urban, street, crime drama with edgy rolling electric guitars, abstract broken rhythms and effects. Ideal for drama and documentary. Full mix, underscore, 60, 30, 10sec versions

Description: Slow build up orchestral music with strings. Great for underscore dramatic, melancholic scenes like goodbye, leaving, thinking and decision making.

Description: Spying, sneaking and scheming music. Dramatic without being overblown.

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