Description: 60 second loop featuring rhythm ukulele, acoustic guitar, piano, electric piano, drums and bass

Description: Sly, fun and subtle cue for tv, film or corporate.

Description: Adventure and curiosity. Uplifting orchestral, flute and staccato strings. Happy, jouful, bouncy, summer time, fresh, positive, growth, progress, satisfied, beautiful, new ventures, vacation, holiday, camping, bonfires, new possibilities, anticipation. Ideal new beginnings.

Description: Sly, fun and subtle cue for tv, film or corporate.

Description: Well known and traditional nursery rhyme for small children. The tune originates from France in 1761, whilst the popular lyrics were added in 1806. This simple warm version features a small intimate collection of bells, glockenspiel and celeste. Great for anything from kids TV to commercials.

Description: Epic strings piece with a rhythmic tick, tock building to a bigbeat groove.

Description: A silly, quirky, playful track. Good for cartoons, film, fun software or video games, apps, commercials, pre-school activities, children's programming.

Description: Slow rock with a deep evocative feel delivered by cool classic guitar work and grand piano interludes. Dreamy space pad atmosphere and chirpy synth sequences will take the listener into a different realm

Description: Is a short and beautiful audio logo suitable for company and brand logo projects. This logo can be used on websites, advertisements, and corporate presentations, radio and Tv.

Description: Simple joyful emotional and motivational track. The moment of truth, the moment of love, a moment of happiness. In this music, no complex elements. It's simple and delicious. A few chords with every conduct are played in different arrangements. Track is easy to wrap around and continue. Perfect for any media projects, television, radio, cinema, internet projects, presentations and more.

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