Description: Classic spy film music filled with the familiar tremolo guitar and high horns associated with the James Bond films. A good fit for a spy spoof project, espionage, mystery or crime drama scene. Also great for commercial advertisements, promos and video games.

Description: An urban, street, dramatic mid-up-tempo driving track - an alternate version to Urban Chase A & B

Description: Tongue, Orchestral Drama Jazz Transition Slow Humorous Funny Strange Saxophone Strings Suspense Mystery Background Comic Comedy Television TV Radio Movies.

Description: Light, friendly theme good for show intros, adverts and much more

Description: A cinematic music theme for generic movie, video, TV Series or visuel project. A sixties guitar melody with a bit of nostalgia and melancholic mood. You will remember it. Royalty Free Music and Stock Music for Creative Audio Visual Projects Including YouTube, TV, Film, PowerPoint, Flash, and All Media. -In a mood for Cinema: 3:54

Description: Morning Glory is an upbeat instrumental that puts you in the mind of waking to a cold early morning rain with a mission to accomplish.

Description: Originally created for the film score ""American Streefighter"". Developed for a chase scene, ""who dun it"" sounds. Starts off slow and builds up. Part 1. 134 bpm (approximately).

Description: Bad cowboy tune with vintage guitars and pounding drums

Description: military war type march music. cinematic, gives sense of soldiers marching to war.