Description: Tongue, Orchestral Drama Jazz Transition Slow Humorous Funny Strange Saxophone Strings Suspense Mystery Background Comic Comedy Television TV Radio Movies.

Description: Light, friendly theme good for show intros, adverts and much more

Description: A cinematic music theme for generic movie, video, TV Series or visuel project. A sixties guitar melody with a bit of nostalgia and melancholic mood. You will remember it. Royalty Free Music and Stock Music for Creative Audio Visual Projects Including YouTube, TV, Film, PowerPoint, Flash, and All Media. -In a mood for Cinema: 3:54

Description: Morning Glory is an upbeat instrumental that puts you in the mind of waking to a cold early morning rain with a mission to accomplish.

Description: Originally created for the film score ""American Streefighter"". Developed for a chase scene, ""who dun it"" sounds. Starts off slow and builds up. Part 1. 134 bpm (approximately).

Description: Bad cowboy tune with vintage guitars and pounding drums

Description: military war type march music. cinematic, gives sense of soldiers marching to war.

Description: slowly stalking you down the dark street, only because i'm in love.

Description: Hold on to your seats in this intense, dramatic song. It infers that you will encounter dangerous pursuits, passionate loves and epic battles. It is suspenseful and vibrant from the beginning until the end. It will be a perfect underscore for a dynamic and powerful product. Think big, and bold.