Description: Acoustic piano forms the basis of this evocative and uplifting track.

Description: 1st love again (instrumental vibe)

Description: Acoustic, electric and processed guitars in an evocative, ethereal, moody and beautiful landscape.

Description: A quirky, lighthearted orchestral track which gives some sense of mystery, sneaking about, mischief… Orchestration: Pizzicato strings, vibes, marimba, percussion, woodwinds, shakers. Track length: 1:37

Description: Deep Southern ( Smooth instrumental but funky hip-hop )

Description: An Orchestral track with a sense of tension and imminent danger. Starts dark and ominous and develops into a menacing beat with some middle eastern influences. Suitable as underscore for tense moments, espionage... Instrumentation: Strings, Brass, Woodwind, Electronic, Drums. Track length: 1:45

Description: BOTTOM OF DA MAP (representing every state at the bottom off the map.)

Description: This tender and sweet piano and string instrumental is perfect for wedding videos, slideshows, or any visual piece that needs an emotional and tender accompaniment. It features piano, orchestral strings, and light harp. Cinematic and sweeping at times, it's simple melody is a sensitive and emotional accompaniment to your next project.