Description: High end fun computer music made with an 8bit chip modern synth, top production with modern beats and optimistic plucked harp/string. Great for video games, technology, tv etc.

Description: electronic, old school computer games groove, electro.

Description: Atmospheric soundcape melody with trendy beats, low end bass and sfx create an illusion of on-line fantasy, scientific theories or adult interaction.

Description: relaxed, corporate, guitar+pizzicato, electronic midtempo groove.

Description: Crazy synths and froggy like bass

Description: riveting, exciting, thrilling uptempo electronic, hi-tech groove.

Description: Vibrating arpeggiated loop Suits for special Buttons, Rollovers, SFX, Etc. 130 BPM, Key:D Enjoy!

Description: A energetic and obscure loop drum beat

Description: This is a very melodic musical sequence motivational style.Made with soft percussion sounds.The main instruments are the piano, bass and synthesizer.It's a song that fits your needs very well when a multimedia production acclimate social or motivational. Se trata de una secuencia musical muy melódica de estilo Motivacional.Realizada con sonidos de percusión suaves.Los instrumentos principales son el piano, el bajo y un sintetizador.Es una canción que se ajusta muy bien a tus necesidades a la hora de ambientar una producción multimedia de carácter social o motivacional.

Description: Acoustic loop with piano, 6 string acoustic guitar, bass, percussion, synth pad. Very light and smooth sounding. Like walking hand in hand on a crisp autumn day beneath a canopy of brightly colored fall trees. The AudioMicro demo player does not demonstrate loops correctly-- this file absolutely loops PERFECTLY.

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