Description: This is my new, dance and energetic Sport Logo Intro 30s Loop opener short music dance tracks with bright catchy soccer fans stadium noise, goal shout fx's, fast club drums, synth bass…This powerful summer opener can be used as a musical background for sports websites, flash action computer games, extreme YouTube videos, corporate videos, sports radio or football championship 2018 tv news, etc…Great loud 30s spot for your comfortable using…Enjoy! action, advertising, club, championship, dance, energetic, football, game, happy, intro, loop, motivational, music, news, opening, radio, rhythmic, short, soccer, sport, sports, spot, tv, stadium, noise, competition, inspiring, inspirational, pumping, loud, powerful, strong, dancing, sport loop, sport intro, sports logo, plastic3, achievement, big, bouncy, bright, cool, confident, festive, video game, uplifting, synthesiser, fast, patriotic, cheerful happy, seamless looping, human voice, fast

Description: Happy and joyful track with positive whistle melodies, accordion, acoustic guitars, bass, claps and upbeat drums. Great for inspirational advertisements, commercials, travel videos, positive marketing and motivational themes, promotional videos and other uplifting media. Also check out the multiple 60, 30 and 15 second versions available. 90 BPM

Description: Happy acoustic instrumental version of the song Happy Birthday to you. It is the most popular song in the world! Perfect for commercials, happy baby music box for YouTube videos and advertising projects. Bright, relaxing children track. Happy and pretty. Loving!

Description: A fun, exotic and easy-to-listen music loop, with a marimba that plays the melody.

Description: Funny short marimba melodic loop. This could be used in video games, cartoons, or as ringtone for phones.

Description: This is a very stylish, clean commercial advertising Happy Uplifting Upbeat Positive Background Corporate 15s loop with smooth motivational sound and beautiful inspiring bright mood, which include soft filter synths solo, Violins, pad, live drums, bells, etc…This celebratory Happy Inspiring Positive Music Loop track can be used as a music, background for corporate websites, slideshows, business, cheerful joyful news video, festive presentation promo youtube video…Enjoy! 15s, advertising, background, background music, beginning, bouncy, bright, business, calm, clean, commercial, corporate, corporate background, easy, every day, festive, game, groovy, happy, happy logo, high tech, holiday, ident, inspirational, inspiring, intro, light, logo, motivational, music, opener, opening, optimistic, positive, positive background, positive music, powerful, presentation, rhythmic, rising, short, smooth, soft, sweet, travel, upbeat, uplifting, video, video game, looping, fast

Description: Happy and carefree ukulele based pop track. With background vocals, piano, bells and acoustic guitars. Perfect for tv advertising, radio, films, viral marketing, web advertisements, children, movie trailers, youtube, successful, business and travel videos, games, applications, backgrounds, corporate, motivational presentations, commercials, visuals and family videos.

Description: SOUNDS GREAT IN: brand commercials; fashion media; backstage videos; slideshows; vlogs; radio & broadcasting background; advertising

Description: SOUNDS GREAT IN: brand commercials; fashion media; backstage videos; slideshows; vlogs; radio & broadcasting background; advertising

Description: For good mood projects, hopeful, funny

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