Description: 60 second loop featuring acoustic guitar and piano.

Description: Simple repetitive melody made up of electro rhythms with percussion, vibe is smooth and flowing, good sound for telecoms advert has a science technology feel will work well for underscore for advertising or product placement. Great for corporate uses seeking a smooth simple audio underscore

Description: Symphonic orchestral background loop with strings and harp. It is dramatic, eerie, cinematic, mystical and slow. It can be used as background music in videos, documentaries, infographics, movies and more.

Description: 60 second loop featuring ukulele, guitar, and piano. Has a wavy, ambient feel

Description: A mysterious opening emerges out of the fog and casts its uncertain shadow in your mind. This is a great opening theme for a classical murder mystery / drama / triller .

Description: 60 second loop featuring ukulele, acoustic nylon string guitar, electric piano, bass and drums. Has a driving, light finger picking feel - mellow and pretty, but with a feeling of movement and purpose.

Description: 60 second acoustic loop featuring guitar and piano, with a folksy feel in 3/4 time

Description: 60 second loop in waltz time that sounds like a childhood memory of a merry go round.

Description: 68 second loop featuring lightly picked acoustic guitar, piano, drums and electric piano. Has a moody, dark and haunting feel, but is at the same time medium paced and driving. The mood is of uncertainty and foreboding, but action.

Description: Downtempo music, performed on orchestra and synths. Background music.

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