Description: Evil scary music for horror or thriller movie. Inspired by John Carpenter's Halloween soundtrack. A suspense piano starts dark evil and ominous. Chilling creeping fx in the second half. Haunting evil Horror Thriller music for dark places, ramped up horror, Psycho nightmare. Opening intro or inside. evil, creepy, horror, Foreboding horror,, Anguished, Restless, Sinister, Occult, Mysterious, ominous, horror, Halloween, horror, epic, cinematic, scary, Threatening, horror, ambience, Dangerous, foreboding underscore, thriller, spooky, dark, foreboding, crime, Suggestive, soundtrack, Eerie, haunting, horror, thrilling, suspense, background, suspenseful, tense, panic, frightening, terror, horror, slow tempo

Description: Think Hans Zimmer Black ops Call of duty, Modern warfare, military action music, Battlefield. Starts heavy and powerful with pulsating strings to a groovy and thrilling epic piece with an intense end. Great soundtrack for action war movie, trailer or as menu music in a fps game, loopable science fiction, sci fi, patriotic, video game military, Building, Aggressive, Booming, Majestic, video game Marching, Driving, Explosive, Dangerous, Dramatic, heavy, intense, video game Action, Heroic, Triumphant, warfare, menu music black ops, battlefield, Call of duty menu music, games, fps, Forceful, Warzone, Victory, Powerful, menu music Patriotic, medal of honor menu music, video game War, action, hans zimmer, adventure, soundtrack, video game trailer, pounding, big, heroic, video game battle, epic, cinematic video game

Description: Optimistic and romantic piece for inspiration and motivating settings. Uplifting and hopeful . There are two versions of this song. This version has a more complex arrangement with flutes and a second violin. "Hopeful romantic little thing 2" has a simpler arrangement. corporate, advertisment, commercials, presentation, promotion, Purposeful, Delicate, Beautiful, Elegant, motivating, Motivational, Uplifting, Hopeful, optimistic, positive, successful, uplifting, inspiring, inspirational, Confident, achievement, Intelligent, sweeping, calm, Peaceful, relaxed, reflective, tranquil, dreamy, sweet, soundscape, soundtrack, background, cinematic, bright, light, smooth, tender, romantic, romance, love, sensual, soft, passionate, wholesome

Description: Action Trailer cue for military movie,war documentary or reality TV show. Bold heroic winning & triumphant. Menu music in a fps game, loopable. Call of duty, Battlefield. Dark build up with drums and rhythmic strings. War preparation. A slow pad with dramatic strings rhythmic big drums.

Description: Reflective sad piano piece, repetitive with dramatic feeling. repetitive, dreamy, piano, dramatic, lonely, winter, solo, drama, reflective, nature, crying, heart, World Sorrow, Tragic, Depressed, Helpless, violin, painful, landscape, pollution, sorrow, sadness, mourning, funeral, song, Dramatic, Pensive, Sad, Moving, Emotional, Anguished, Atmospheric, Melancholic, Thoughtful, Heartbroken, Dreamy, Worried, Dark, Epic, Adventurous, Painful, Deep, Dramatic Soundtrack, Funeral Procession, History, Nature, Rural, Documentary, sad, hurt

Description: A Britney Spears, Moby kind of edgy electronica. Hot beats, super sexy vibe. Swaggering, hyper and cool as a chilled Mojito. Pumping energetic dance floor 3 a.m. in the club, rebellious 20-somethings out on the town or back home partying. pumping, dance, floor, sexy, track, moby, electronica, Edgy, Sexual, Erotic, Dancing, club, scene, partying, hot, pulsating, night club, Cool, Flirtatious, Groovy, Intense, Pushy, Sophisticated, Hot, Dynamic, Swaggering, Driving, Elegant, Energetic, Booming, Bouncy, Confident, britney, spears, Bass, High Tech, electro, optimistic, positive, inspiring, inspirational, driving, festive, dancing, Euro, bar, disco, house, urban, 2am

Description: A romantic building melody with a string quartet. Inspired by Philip Glass. Sad romantic melodramatic classical piece. Warm, Vibrant, Sensual, Building, Sad, Romantic, Melodramatic, Beautiful, Driving, Repetitive, Intense, Atmospheric, Elegant, Reflective, Comforting, Contemplative, philip glass, violins, strings, classical, motivational, energetic, nostalgic, mournful, dramatic, slow tempo

Description: A really sad piece of music. Music for film, documentary or Drama. Nature, mountains, lakes, landscapes etc. Sad slow dramatic sorrowful Soaring violin with string orchestra. Natures bleeding heart, mother nature crying soul. Tragic, nature, crying, heart, World, Sorrow, Depressed, Helpless, sad, violin, painful, landscape, pollution, funeral, sadness, sorrow, song, mourning, national, geographic, documentary, bleeding, Melancholy, Mournful, Hopeless, tragic, drama, scene, pain, grieve, Regretful, Painful, sentimental, dramatic, lonely, historical, history, north, slow, strings, hell, winter

Description: Background music for different settings. Promo, slide show, commercial, business corporate etc. Beautiful plain melody with a nice groove. It's emotional positive motivational background music. Piano and strings with a laid back drum groove. 21st century, inspirational, Advertisment, Hope, Piano, achievement, assured, background, bright, pop business, commercials, confident, corporate, pop documentary, driving, easy, pop elegant, emotional, pop expectation, film, happy, hopeful, pop industry, happy inspiring, pop joyful, light, pop lighthearted, medium tempo, motion, motivating, motivational, optimistic, pop passionate, peaceful, podcast, inspirational, pop, positive, presentation, promotional, pop slow, soft, strings, successful, inspirational, pop thoughtful, tv, uplifting, video, medium tempo

Description: Epic cinematic Sci-fi ambience for a documentary film about space. Floating and dreamy dark ambient for the solar system. Underscore for cinematic atmospheric sky. technology, earth, discovery, opening, intro, space, documentary, closing, Sci Fi, travel, mars, galaxy, futuristic, cool, dark, ambience, Mystical, Suggestive, Dangerous, Magical, Cold, Spacious, Atmospheric, Hypnotic, Thoughtful, Earthy, Mysterious, Lost, Dreamy, Reflective, Inspiring, Spirited, Abstract, Deep, Contemplative, science fiction, background, underscore

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