Description: Intro with piano, cellos and viola similar the Halloween theme. Creepy thrills & chills! Horror in dark places, crime in progress ramped up horror, Psycho nightmare, fear everywhere for your next big movie, game, etc. Evil, Cinematic, Horror, Dark, Scary, Haunting, Ominous, Halloween, Dangerous, Edgy, Anguished, Restless, Nightmare, Eerie, Ghosts, Psychological, Terror, Tension, Thrilling, Sinister, Foreboding, Mystery, Video Games, trailer, Satanic, sci Fi, Paranormal, terrifying, underscore, Silent Hill, ambient, Drone, ambience, bad, feeling, engine, suspenseful, exciting, tense, panic, frightening

Description: Dark dramatic intro with brooding slow drums and rhythmic ominous strings. The intro from "Freedom warrior". Perfect for action, thriller, documentary, reality show. artillery, Angry, Tension, dramatic, Fast, Dynamic, Vibrant, Patriotic, zone, warzone, Strong, Suspenseful, Triumphant, Brave, Bright, Energetic, Aggressive, Adventure, Movie, Trailer, Music, Army, Espionage, orchestral, landing, horror, terror, CIA, fast, action, Dark, Dramatic, military, war, combat, fps, urban, warfare, modern

Description: Epic orchestral trailer music, regal majestic piece for fantasy film, game or Anime. Starts with guitar, pad and a rhythmic string section and a beautiful longing sad violin melody. The beginning of Adventurous ride. big, epic, Heroic, powerful, Cinematic, Majestic, soundtrack, Forceful, Sad, Emotional, Glorious, Driving, Marching, inspirational, reflective, mysterious, action, adventure, Dramatic, Uplifting, Regal, Magical, Dynamic, Atmospheric, Proud, Triumphant, Adventurous, Pulsating, fantasy, patriotic, grand, romantic, trailer, awesome, pounding, medieval, victorious, hollywood, proud, thrilling, exciting, background, blockbuster, strong, medium tempo

Description: Thunder rain. Sound, Nature, fx Sound, Effect, Thunderstorm, Lightning, lightening, thunderbolt, Storm, Weather, roar, boom, big H, hell dust, nose drops, smack, skag, scag, roaring

Description: Motivational inspirational rock trailer music, Epic cinematic driving music for film, game, promo, advertisement business, anime. Starts with with a rhythmic string section. Powerful brass section with a big orchestral Hollywood feeling. Big pounding rock drums and fanfare brass. There's a plain version too without the brass. big, epic, Heroic, powerful, Cinematic, Majestic, Forceful, Sad, motivational, Glorious, Driving, inspirational, reflective, action, adventure, Uplifting, Regal, Dynamic, Atmospheric, Proud, Triumphant, fantasy, metal, rock, patriotic, grand, trailer, awesome, pounding, victorious, hollywood, strong, thrilling, exciting, tense, cool, presentation, promotion, anime, achievement, background, motivating, 21st century, drums, strings, film, movie, medium tempo

Description: A door is closing. Door, bang, boom, closing, entry, close

Description: A beautiful modern R&B stinger, perfect for commercial. Akon style. Soulful, sensual and dreamy. audio, logo, short, intro, opening, stinger, fx, effect, opener, announcement, brand branding, Breakthrough, news, close, closing, corporate, Cool, Dancing, r&b, Happy, Joyful, Proud, Moving, Excited, Sensual, Magical, Bright, Rhythmic, Inspiring, Frisky, Jumpy, Akon, inspirational, r and b

Description: Scary dark evil dramatic ominous opening / closing title. Section from At night. Sci-fi Horror in dark places, crime in progress. Creepy thrills & chills! Alien ambient sound scape. Dark, Evil, Horror, Scary, Mysterious, Dangerous, Ambient, Confused, Ominous, Strange, space, Thrilling, Sinister, Worried, Eerie, Creepy, Mean, cinematic, background, evil, Foreboding, Anguished, Restless, Sci Fi, Occult, soundtrack, Threatening, ambience, underscore, thriller, spooky, crime, soundscape, mystical, haunting, suspenseful, exciting, tension, tense, panic, frightening, terror slow tempo

Description: Dark stinger for reality show, intros, openings, closings, announcements etc. Full orchestra. intro, outro, ominous, Dark, stinger, evil, cinematic, Epic, Sinister, Mysterious, Haunting, Mystical, Dangerous, dark, Determined, Dramatic, Forceful, Edgy, Graceful, Vibrant, Nervous, Thoughtful, Confrontational, announcement, short, intense, Energetic, Heavy, Adventurous, orchestral, dramatic, powerful, confident, industrial, opening, closing, close, aggressive, angry, opener, suspense, audio, logo, effect, fx, brand, branding

Description: A short whoosh transition, sweeping noise sound effect. Raising up and falling down. Perfect between screens,scenes or other situations. The material is reflective and ambient. To be used in media projects, video, radio, audio logo, Games, etc. sound, effect, audio, sfx, fx, whoosh, transition, drone, ambient, pulse, production, element, imaging, shimmer, accent, passage, shift, move, transformation, switch, futuristic, sci-fi, bass, crystal, action, synthesiser, stinger, 2000s, slow tempo, fast tempo

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