Description: Uplifting glorious trailer music for an epic adventure, fantasy melody like Howard Shore's The lord of the rings. Perfect for a trailer or inside a movie or as the credit music. A slow dramatic build up to a dancing Adventurous epic happy victory song with flutes violins brass and cellos. inspiring, driving, victorious, orchestral, happy, glorious, big, grand, celebrating, Howard Shore, the ring, magic, elegant, fantasy, trailer, Dramatic, Uplifting, Regal, Optimistic, Emotional, Beautiful, Atmospheric, Romantic, Driving, Triumphant, Celebratory, Festive, Elegant, Inspiring, Heroic, Adventurous, Wondrous, Fairy Tale, History, Fantasy, Hollywood, Sword, Sorcery, cinematic, Epic, Movie, soundtrack, Trailer, james newton

Description: A guitar driven mystic action track evil haunting chase scene. A hard fast furious guitar with ominous evil fx. Made for tension, horror and chases in dark places. Inspired by Fringe and Michael Giacchino. Cinematic, Evil, action Horror, Dark, Scary,horror Haunting, spooky,horror Ominous, Halloween, tension Suspense, Dangerous, Edgy horror, Anguished, Restless, horror Nightmare, Eerie, Ghost, Psychological, Terror, ominous, cinematic, evil, Sinister, horror, Mysterious, horror soundtrack, creepy horror Fantasy, Threatening, Michael Giacchino, fringe horror ,sneaking, lurking horror

Description: Think Fringe and Michael Giacchino. Driving mystic fateful que for mystery, suspense, action, spy, drama, crime and sci-fi series. Also great as trailer track. Driving guitar and strings, cool drums haunting cinematic mysterious atmospheric textures and pompous brass end. CSI, Fringe, Cool, Haunting, Mysterious, Suggestive, Tension, Thrilling, Foreboding, Cinematic, adventure, sci fi, sci-fi, crime, investigation, thriller, science fiction, espionage, spy, action, thrilling, mystery, suspenseful, exciting, tense, panic, frightening, terror

Description: Cinematic dark evil underscore for crime mystery etc. Starts dark and ominous with a slow dark pad. The end section is for a fight or similar action where someone is getting killed. Horror, murder, crime, sci-fi in dark places, crime in progress. Psycho nightmare and fear for your next dark thriller project. Anguished, epic, Cinematic, Creepy, Dangerous, Dark, Edgy, Eerie, Evil, Foreboding, Haunting, Horror, Mean, Mysterious, Nightmare, Ominous, Painful, Powerful, Psychological, Raw, Restless, Scared, Scary, Sinister, Suspenseful, Tension, Terror, Thrilling, action, aggressive, ambient, chase, crime, exciting, fight, frightening, horror, intense, mystical, panic, powerful, sci fi, suspense, tense, thriller, thrilling, underscore, slow tempo

Description: Reflective somber Military music for a military scene in the base camp or after a battle, when the soldiers returning or laying dead on the battle field. Military Cease Fire Beautiful flute, trumpet and a dramatic end with marching Military field drums, crying flute and sad brass. deliberative and cinematic. Gloomy and sorrowful. Modern Warfare, Medal of Honor, war, war games, shooter, cinematic, Awesome, sad, epic, slow, marching, Dynamic, Vibrant, warzone, Sorrowful, orchestral, Military fps, video game, Military, Underscore, Background, Historical, Military base camp, Defeated, Mournful, reflective, action, War, Patriotic, Powerful, Victory, Forceful, games, Call of duty, battlefield, black ops, Triumphant, Heroic Military Dramatic, Dangerous, Majestic, Building ,Military soundtrack, trailer, battle, slow tempo Military documentary

Description: Motivational inspirational rock trailer music, Epic cinematic driving music for film, game, promo, advertisement business, anime. Starts with with a rhythmic string section. Powerful brass section with a big orchestral Hollywood feeling. Big pounding rock drums and fanfare brass. There's a plain version too without the brass. big, epic, Heroic, powerful, Cinematic, Majestic, Forceful, Sad, motivational, Glorious, Driving, inspirational, reflective, action, adventure, Uplifting, Regal, Dynamic, Atmospheric, Proud, Triumphant, fantasy, metal, rock, patriotic, grand, trailer, awesome, pounding, victorious, hollywood, strong, thrilling, exciting, tense, cool, presentation, promotion, anime, achievement, background, motivating, 21st century, drums, strings, film, movie, medium tempo

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