Description: A swinging uptempo big band style finger snapping smoothly grooving super hipster jazz track featuring a tight brass section, a crazy cool flute solo, a killer muted trumpet solo, popping piano, big bass and powerful yet understated drumming. Fun track for tv, film, radio, production video, scores, Instrumental, Jazz, Bebop

Description: A smooth and easy going jazzy pop lounge track featuring a sensuous female vocal, an exotic shehnai oboe, full brass, and lead guitar along with piano, bass and drums. Beautiful ambient music for world music application for tv, film, radio, Podcasts, Social Media, Corporate and Home Videos, in hous

Description: A relaxed and dreamy, gently flowing jazzy latin track featuring a variety of instruments and voices trading eight measure phrases backed by a popping rhythm section of electric bass and drums. Useful underscore for film, television, radio, video projects, in store, on phone, lounge, club and web

Description: A smooth, cool, and refreshing latin jazz track featuring a classical nylon string guitar melody over a relaxed percussion, bass and piano bed builds into a dramatic and passionate horn section and then suddenly releases and back to the coolness. Great music for all media projects and airplay.

Description: A big jazzy smoothly rocking fusion track featuring a full fanfare style horn section, a string ensemble, strong drum beats, powerful bass. female vocal chants all tightly woven into a proud and great attitude soundscape for your media project. Useful for tv, film, radio, PowerPoint, Demos, in house

Description: A mysteriously dark and romantic ambient jazz track featuring piano, upright bass, drums behind synthesizers, vibraphone and flute. Flowing and sensuous a lovely atmospheric piece with a light latin flavor useful for relaxed scenes in media projects for tv, film, radio, in store, on hold, adverts

Description: An upbeat, bright yet reflective bittersweet "moving on down the road" type track. The acoustic piano is the featured melody along with a spanish male vocal shout, female choir, electric guitar vibraphone, percussion, electric bass and synthesizers. Smooth latin jazz flavors for all media projects.

Description: A swinging, toe tapping, finger snapping medium tempo big band version of this American folk song turned jazz standard. The melody is featured on the vibraphone then the brass section takes a solo break in the middle. Useful for tv, film, video, broadcast where a retro genre atmosphere is needed. Instrumental, Jazz Music, Swing. Big Band

Description: A jazzy, funky, cool, with an air of mystery and suspense the Dark Limo pulls up ready to take the listener to a undisclosed location. Features an aggressively rhythmic bass groove, tight drumming, and a sweet piano-synth melodic interchange. Broadcast ready for media projects, tv, film, radio, ads. Instrumental, Jazz Music, Jazz-Funk

Description: Big, brash, and punchy track featuring a hard charging tenor sax riff over a powerful and funky drum groove melding into a sensuous flute melody. Great music for dramatic effects, getting attention, cut scenes, violent or spirited actions for media projects in film, TV, advertising, entertainment etc, Instrumental, Jazz Music, Dramatic Jazz