Description: Fast and hot jazz, an upbeat and swinging track featuring female vocal shout, a tight four horn section, tenor sax and vibes solos, cooking brush work drum set, smoking bass, and icy cool tinkling on the piano ivories. Useful music for giving a feeling of movement to any and all multimedia projects, Female Vocals, Jazz Music, Cool Jazz

Description: Post modern bebop nu jazz track featuring electric guitar drums bass and synths that float through the air in a freely flowing ambience. Bittersweet lush and full with varying harmonic and melodic structures all fitting together in a logical progression. Great for all types of creative media project,

Description: Cool jazzy latin retro track sounds like Quincy Jones Soul bossa used in Austin Powers it has that hipster tune style of the 1950's and early sixties. Features flute, sax section, piano, bass, vibes and percussion. Useful for an opening dance number or various advert film shows tv or video project

Description: Sweet and mellow, chilled jazzy latin track featuring trumpet and guitar a big signing female breath along with a solid subby type bass line, electric piano, and a soulful drum kit. Great underscore for mysterious scenes, humorous interludes, video game music, various media projects for tv or film.

Description: Modern electronic jazz track with a back beat latin flavor quirky guitar and bass unison lines a sweet female vocal and oboe shout. The middle improvisational break features a solid electric guitar solo leading to a subby melodic bass solo. Useful background, commercial track for tv, film, radio etc

Description: Soft uplifting mellow middle of the rock easy rock anthem groove with a big Clapton or Santana electric guitar lead in the first section then directly into a bossa nova rock solo section with jazz guitar and vibraphone. Useful track for TV, film, radio, theme for video games background for adverts.

Description: A strange, deep, and quirky half time groove piece in 7/8 meter that gives a feeling of floating or falling. The bass carries the groove along with the drum beat as the synths fill out the mysterious background harmonies and angular melodies. Cool track for scenes of unusual or weird happenings.

Description: A latin flavor upbeat yet chilled out track which fuses electronica, rock, pop, space-out and mainstream elements into a long flowing smooth journey through sound. Bossa rock grooves break down into questioning vocal chants into electric psychedelic progressive rock. Useful for radio or media arts

Description: A dreamy chill track based on a repetitive four chord progression grooves through a series of relaxed yet happily moving, floating through space eyes closed meditative sections. At the center a delicious piano improve gently glides the listener as the bass and TR-808 drum machine pump out the groove. Media ready.

Description: Cosmopolitan Restaurant Suave Lounge with a Martini plush and soft chill out track. Ice cool synth melodies, down tempo bass and drum backing track floating electric guitar strums jazzy chords good vibes. Nice music for film scenes radio playing in the background, fashion catwalk, actor strolling underscore