Description: A gently swinging piano trio plays a sweetly swaying ultra cool jazz track. Nice background music for that relaxed lounge feeling, for romantic moments, peaceful scenes in city or hipsters grooving out. Also useful for improvisation study. Broadcast ready for all media projects on tv, radio, video.

Description: An attractive, slow moving, deeply relaxing, super chill jazz ballad. This smooth track features lovely electric piano and vibraphone melodies backed by upright bass and ride cymbal. Useful music for a variety of media productions, corporate, in house, tv, film, radio, web, and advertisements.

Description: A wild jazzy psychedelic track, cool, smooth and colorful; reminiscent of Miles Davis Bitches Brew era. Features effected live trumpet and clarinet, electric piano, upright bass, percussion and effects. Travel through this exhilarating mind bending soundscape. For cosmic multimedia projects, radio. Instrumental, Jazz, Acid Jazz

Description: A big and bouncy upbeat jazz rock track featuring harmon muted trumpet, tenor sax, and electric guitar, trading melodies and solos. This fun and peppy piece gives a party atmosphere has a danceable groove and fits well with a sophisticated audience. Useable music for radio broadcast, tv, film, web

Description: Happy and upbeat, moving and grooving, this jazzy instrumental track has a retro soulful feel. A strong tenor saxophone and a triply guitar trade four measure lead lines. Cool danceable music with a mature mellow glow, useful for sophisticated media projects, radio, tv, film, Corporate, Home Video

Description: A soulful jazzy modal cool style track with a clever sax and flute lead theme highlighted by male vocal shouts. An electric guitar solo and a flute solo are featured in the middle. Great smooth and sweet track for radio play, adverts, television program, film, video projects, in house, phone on hold

Description: A slow and steamy super cool piano jazz trio featuring an earthy Billie Holiday sounding female vocalist. The backing includes a big upright bass sound. a tickling the ivories piano vibe and an unobtrusive yet right on percussionist. Good track for broadcast, advertisements, film, tv, radio, media. Female Vocals, Sounds like Billie Holiday

Description: A swinging uptempo big band style finger snapping smoothly grooving super hipster jazz track featuring a tight brass section, a crazy cool flute solo, a killer muted trumpet solo, popping piano, big bass and powerful yet understated drumming. Fun track for tv, film, radio, production video, scores, Instrumental, Jazz, Bebop

Description: A smooth and easy going jazzy pop lounge track featuring a sensuous female vocal, an exotic shehnai oboe, full brass, and lead guitar along with piano, bass and drums. Beautiful ambient music for world music application for tv, film, radio, Podcasts, Social Media, Corporate and Home Videos, in hous

Description: A relaxed and dreamy, gently flowing jazzy latin track featuring a variety of instruments and voices trading eight measure phrases backed by a popping rhythm section of electric bass and drums. Useful underscore for film, television, radio, video projects, in store, on phone, lounge, club and web