Description: A easy grooving upscale swing jazz track that features four horns, arch top jazz guitar, piano, bass and drums. Nice retro feel, Tijuana Brass style with interplay between horns and guitar. Useable for underscores for romantic themed scenes, film, tv, radio play, promos, hip lifestyles, smooth rich

Description: A strong & funky, gritty & smart, jazz fusion rocking track. Live feel with a soaring tenor sax solo melody, a brilliant lead guitar, powerful electric bass line, tight drums, bell synths, & a wash of synth pads. Useful for dance scenes, tv, film, radio broadcast, internet, special events, media.

Description: A wild & sultry acid jazz track, totally cool, psychedelic & colorful; very voodoo brew. Features deeply soulful tenor sax & electric guitar melody solo, female vocals, deep atmospheric bass, powerful hypnotic drums & a wash of whirling synths. For multimedia projects, radio, dancing, video, lounge

Description: A sultry, lush smooth acid jazz track that features sweet singing melodic lead guitar & tenor sax, cool synths, afro-latin percussion, thick bass, & piano. Strong melodies, open space, provide interest & breath to the music. For underscores, romantic themed scenes, film, tv, radio play, promos, Lounge Jazz

Description: A romantic, relaxed & dreamy smooth latin jazz track featuring a lush tenor sax melody, a cool vibraphone melody & solo, a tight solid rhythmic guitar & bass. Nice soothing sounds & live feel. Useable background music for all media projects. tv, radio, video, in store, on hold, podcasts, restaurants

Description: Mellow cool bebop lounge jazz ensemble piece, sounds hip classy & sophisticated, a 1950's 1960’s late night cocktail in a secluded hideaway. Features horns, bass, piano & light percussion. Smokey rooms odd characters ambient music for noir type film, TV, radio productions, in house, adult products. Instrumental, Jazz, Cool Jazz

Description: A romantic, relaxed & dreamy smooth jazz track that flows pleasantly along. Features a simple freely improvised electric guitar solo, a soaring sax melody, female vocal swells wrapped in a tight a solid rhythm section of keyboard, bass, & light percussion. Well suited for a wide range of media works, Female Vocals, Jazz, Chillout Jazz

Description: A super sultry jazzy cabaret number. Featuring a sensuous female vocal lead, tight horn section kicks, and a smooth electric guitar solo, upright bass and a electronic fringe percussion groove. Live feel. Cool track for a variety of media projects in film, tv, video, radio, in house, club, retail. Female Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

Description: A romantic, relaxed & dreamy smooth latin jazz track featuring a lush melody line on acoustic piano. The piece builds calmly as a mallet synth enters in the next section adding intensity. Solid bass & percussion hold the rhythm steady. Useable background music with a wide range for all media project

Description: A wild jazzy psychedelic track, cool, aggressive, colorful; Weather Report Bitches Brew era. Built off a fat funky bass groove and supported by solid drumming the synth lines interweave through an exhilarating powerful soundscape. Great for cosmic multimedia projects on radio, tv, film & corporate.