Description: This SoundSet evokes motion and works well with animation containing a lot of contrast (fast and slow, dark and light, etc). The bass line percolates and drives the rhythm of this piece. Presentations containing modern visuals may benefit best it.

Description: This piece has a funky opening synth sound. The bass bubbles along with the drums creating an urgent feel. Use this tune in a project where a bit of surrealism, energy and a techno tune is needed.

Description: This SoundSet has elements of pop or hip-hop largely due to the bass and drum components. The Filter component gives it a spacey feel making this piece ideal for presentations with post-modern sci-fi themes.

Description: This melodic techno piece has a lot of contrast in it. Without the drums, it creates a nice ambient mood. The drums are heavy and provide a deep sound. The melody on top has creates a spacious feel and when combined with the energy of the drums and bass,.

Description: This piece works well with a range of presentations that wish to avoid using the ever-so popular techno style and yet retain a modern feel. The Synth and Filter components create a sense of motion and mystery. Presentations involving 3-D animation such as.

Description: The mysterious and somewhat ominous opening gives way to a happy and energetic mood, a sound that you may find at a rave. The drums and bass provide a lot of energy and are excellent by themselves also. Use this piece in any presentation where you can exp.

Description: The bubbling bass line drives this piece and the Synth component, panning back and forth, give it a sense of urgency. The melody carried by the Electric2 component adds a somewhat romantic element to the piece. This SoundSet works well for presentations t.

Description: Animated and uplifting, this soundset can be used in presentations involving motion and the idea of freedom. The animated effect comes from the shifting tonal center and the syncopated effect of the Synth2 and Bass components. The beat is consistent and s.

Description: This piece has shades of darkness and fear. It anticipates an event that may bring disaster or pain. Presentations involving human tragedy, poverty or illness or even war would work well with this piece. The electronic element in this piece makes it lend.

Description: Serious motion and emotion characterize this tune with its dance beat and dreamy timbres. Use it in presentations that involve shadows, dreams, special effects or anything that requires a hypnotic dance beat.