Description: AFRICAN / QUIET TRIBAL / Subtle primitive background music featuring drums, claves, shakers.

Description: Trippy Dubstep track with solid beat and ambient synths

Description: The ambient and relaxing composition with ethnic elements. This one is contemporary ethno electronic lounge track with oud solo, tabla, sensual vibraphone, ethnic oriental deep strings, warm bass and slow meditative groove. Mood of this track – chilled, relaxed, sensual, hypnotizing, and charming. This is excellent track for travel video, ethnic fashion show, hotel presentation and any project needing modern world beat soundtrack.

Description: Ambient Trip Hop track with cool beat, hooky synths and flowing pads.

Description: layed back electric piano with big bass and drum synths.

Description: elegant and contemporary, with various electronic instruments and layers of woman's voice sampled with delay

Description: downtempo instrumental heavy sythn and drum short clip, great for voice over or spoken word.

Description: romantic electronics - no voice - excellent soundtrack.

Description: Ominous elecronica with evil pads and big booms

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