Description: Chill out future ambient track for relaxing and relaxation, spa and lounge. Perfect for movie, trailers, teasers, openers, endings, intros, time-lapses, documentaries, photo slides, podcast and discovery videos, AE templates, youtube videos. Sounds like: future bass, background ambient music, chill out music, technology advertisement music, relaxing advertising, easy listening music.

Description: Easy, simple music for a lightweight promotion, video etc.

Description: Slow, touchy music. Nothing over complicated, just 1 minute 30 seconds confident beats with piano.

Description: Slow drum and bass with the feeling of happiness. We can do it, you can do it, everything is possible. This is a lightweight d'n'B music with the feeling of goodness

Description: Determined music with magical, spinning instruments. Drums, tambourine, piano, this is the sound of evolution

Description: Slow futuristic music with contemplative atmosphere.

Description: A modern contemplative music with a really serious and industrial atmosphere. Drums, vibrating ( in stereo ) synth and other instruments.

Description: Extremely contemplative music, you can think about your life, the meaning of life when you are listening to this one. It fits to slow, deep, melancholic or deep thinking promotions, videos, scenes.

Description: Cheerful, energetic sax house track creates a sunny, summer, funny dancing mood. Catchy saxophone riff alternates with pluck synths, combined with punchy bass, winding drums and disco / funk electric guitar. The track is suitable for processing the video presentation, the soundtrack, can be used as a sound or a background illustration. Perfect for stylish projects, fashion videos, modern slideshows and openers, tv commercials.

Description: an uplifting group of synthesizers with a funky swung drum beat and bass guitar

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