Description: Futuristic transport vehicle pass by, with a long trail out.

Description: Swooshing sound of the alien tripod in War Of The Worlds

Description: Futuristic engine stop sound.

Description: The flight of an unidentified flying objects.

Description: Sound effect of acceleration.

Description: Small spaceship darts around at unsafe speeds. High-pitched performance engines hum and whine as it changes speed and direction. Three different takes are included in this file, each with a different flight path.

Description: Huge alien space ship engines rumbling. Could also be used for an energy field, reactor core, or a number of other SciFi sounds.

Description: The rumble of massive space ship engines.

Description: Spaceship Interior 01 - Low background pulsing drone of machinery working in a spaceship cabin / engine-room with added beeps and whooples

Description: A sound effect that reminds of the takeoff sound produced by a space helicopter.

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