Description: world music, ethnic, global, international, percussion, mallets, serious, soulful, rich, warm

Description: melancholy, introspective, passionate, serene, keyboard, piano, accordion, strings, violin

Description: Very positive piece inspired by Latin music and 2018 FIFA World Cup. It is like samba and mundial combined into amazing fun music track that helps to express joy and cheer the team. This wonderful tune is created with drums, bass, piano, vibes, referee whistle and percussion. Great choice for a commercial, program on championship, vlog and many more.

Description: World music track featuring hang drum, flute, harp and world percussion. Useful for travel guides, jungle or rainforest footage, history, travel and discovery channel.

Description: world, mexican, acoustic guitar, gypsy like, brass lines, hand claps and percussion, light and fun, timbales

Description: World music/ethnic influenced track without an obvious sense of place or country.

Description: sadness, loss, melancholy, mournful, keyboard, accordion

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