Description: Famous traditional Neapolitan song written by Luigi Denza With Mandolin, accordion, guitar and percussion.

Description: Soul jazz dance smooth. Sophisticated track, Mario Biondi style for project looking for a smooth, laidback and sexy club track. Great for advertising, commercials, youtube videos and any film or media.

Description: A traditional Neapolitan Italian Tarantella from the Southern Italian Naples. With Mandolin, accordion and guitar.

Description: Electronic urban style music track, suitable for basics underlay multimedia applications. tutorial, youtube monetization. Product overview, music with sounds contemporary atmosphere

Description: English horn and strings with oboe classical atmosphere

Description: Classic guitar in typical exercise.

Description: Famous sonata for piano by Debussy, third and most famous movement of Suite bergamasque Present in many films and documentaries and TV commercials. Sweet atmpsfera.

Description: Piano and violin in a simple sweet melody.

Description: Traditional Irish tune celtic atmosphere. bagpipes for a medieval hymn, with cultic harp. Brian Boru's March is a traditional Irish tune.

Description: Only the sound of bouzouki, with atmosphere sad thoughtful, wistful, reminiscent of Mediterranean islands

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