Description: A bouncy and playful polka featuring whistle and jew's harp creates a cheerful mood.

Description: Bouncy and Jazzy with a quirky feel and solo woodwinds create a happy and light feel.

Description: Quirky and twangy with pulsing acoustic piano and bouncy tuba create an eclectic style with a carefree mood.

Description: Bouncy and bright featuring Jazzy acoustic guitar and a bluegrass upright bass feel.

Description: Bouncy and light featuring Ragtime piano and driving bass depict a scene from the 1920's.

Description: Upbeat, eclectic and bouncy featuring a mixture of Dixieland and Bluegrass elements creating a happy and playful mood.

Description: Driving and aggressive featuring electric guitar create a confident and edgy feel.

Description: Bouncy, energetic and upbeat in the style of Circus music creates a cheerful and whimsical mood.

Description: Light and reflective featuring electric guitar and clarinet in the style of Klezmer music.

Description: Bouncy and bright featuring solo acoustic guitar creating a happy and carefree mood.