Description: Big, bouncy and glitzy theatrical theme. Full of energy and pizazz - the stage is set and it's time to raise the curtain and let the show begin. Full-on opening, with slightly lighter middle ideal for a voice-over, resuming with a big end. Features orchestra pit style instrumentation. 60sec and 30sec full and underscore mixes

Description: Giddy Old Goat is a lighthearted track that features wacky woodwinds, daft drums and an amusing accordion. With catchy instrumentation from the start, Giddy Old Goat explodes into a whimsical parade of lively upbeat silliness. Ideal for a funny montage, children, video games and more.

Description: ZZ Page is a rock song with an electronic groove but with a hard guitar and an incisive theme

Description: Taps in the key of D, contemplative, slightly dynamic

Description: Snare drum with rolls, perfect to hear before you leave for the other side.

Description: This is background logo music with a calm and positive mood. Very stylish light rock groovy composition for your business projects with exciting lounge sound and beautiful fashion mood, which include live guitars, bass and drums etc…This track can be used as a musical background for websites, in flash games and video, summer party etc…Enjoy and thanks for buying!

Description: This is my new energetic corporate powerful modern rock track with positive bright mood, which contain bright electric guitars, live rock drums, bass…This driving track can be used anywhere – as a motivational musical background for websites, in computer arcade games, tv or radio jingle, advertisement and commercial video etc…Enjoy and thanks for buying!:)

Description: humorous, whimsical, funny, joyful,