Description: Old retro and vintage hip hop music aimed at gangsters, rap culture, or dark mysterious gangs hanging out on the street.

Description: An old 90s style hip hop track to take you back to the start of the genre. Electric synths and synth arps.

Description: A pulsing and slow chilling style hip hop track, great for hip hop documentaries, or to capture that chill out and relaxing hip hop vibe.

Description: Dirty drums and dirty bass loops come together in this classic piece of retro hip hop. Acoustic piano also comes in, given it a vintage feel - great to capture that old style hip hop sound.

Description: Dirty and distorted drums kick off this track - classical piano melodies, dirty bass lines and groovy scratching style sounds. A great piece of hip hop and urban rap music.

Description: A chilled out and laid back piece of Hip Hop music, perfect for the hip hop after party, or visuals where you want a relaxed and chilling hip hop vibe.

Description: Cool and dirty drums mixed with DJ scratch style sounds. Great for rapping over, or as a hip hop instrumental track.

Description: A laid back Hip Hop Party! Dirty Hip Hop drum machines, cool hip hop beats, and sexy hip hop synth lines (bass and lead!). Great for youth culture, rapping, gangster battles and much more!

Description: The only piece of Hip Hop music you will ever need! Capture that gangster vibe with your visuals, and give them a hip hop feel and influence! Great for gangster rap battles, and for spitting your bars!

Description: A Hip Hop track full of Hip Hop melodies, gangster synths, and modern club sounds. Great for a cool R+B Hip Hop nightclub that is just taking off!