Description: Dark Hip hop beat with an Orchestral flavour

Description: Dark, mysterious track with solid beat and synths. Suspenseful and ominous atmosphere.

Description: Heavy, tough and very street rap instrumental! It's the perfect beat for all your lyrical need or urban video projects! In the style of Eminem, 50 Cent, Ice Cube, G-Unit, Shady records, Dr. Dre, Aftermath records!

Description: Dark Hip Hop Beat with an Orchestral Flavour

Description: A track with synthesizers and drum machine. It’s progressive electronic, good for thrillers and detective. There are way too many people. This action track has energy that won't quit. At a medium tempo it drives from start to finish.

Description: Old School Crunk, half Club half 90s Hip Hop Style Beat with serious swagger.

Description: chill beat with big string hits

Description: Hip, Pop Urban Rock Drums Medium.

Description: crunk club beat with bass stabs

Description: Unusual rap/hip-hop, Hard Strange Urban Rock Drums Bass Up-tempo.

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