Description: Laid back jazz track with running chords

Description: Elevator music, great for a comedy scene, or an akward scene, or backing in an elevator or hotel

Description: short loading loop, slick and sly jazzy funky cool groove.

Description: 60 second loop featuring rhythm ukulele, acoustic guitar, piano, electric piano, drums and bass

Description: Sneaking through a back alley, what are you up to?.

Description: short loading loop, cool jazzy, improvised.

Description: Very elegant loop suitable for advertising or video on youtube, podcast or vlog

Description: Two vibes with one playing rich jazz chords and the other playing a catchy pop melody / Loop is 8 bars at 96 BPM

Description: This is track 8 from my Music Blanket Collection Jazzy sax and lead keys chillout sound,no drums

Description: This is track 7 from my Music Blanket Collection. Jazz trumpet,bass and keys looped,no drums

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