Description: Bright summer track that makes you move. Happy optimistic tune for commercials, vacation videos, tv or radio programs. Feels like disco party of 70s, isn’t it? The piece is created with drums, bass, guitars, claps, percussion, brass, strings and synths. Have great time with this catchy rhythm!

Description: Deep house track, instrumental, lounge, ambient vibe, Funk

Description: deep house track, instrumental, lounge, ambient vibe

Description: Retro track with 80s style, funky melodies, and pop elements.

Description: Retro track with 80s Miami funky style.

Description: Pop track with funky style.

Description: A laid-back funky soul track. With hip horns section, groovy drums and bass, cool electric guitars lick and mellow vintage keyboards, it is a great track for relaxing and lounge projects.

Description: Groovy funk piece. Fun and catchy track created with drums, bass, brass, percussion, guitars and e.organ. Optimistic inspiring tune that can be used in your vlog, commercial or promo video, podcast, radio show or tv program and more.

Description: Short energetic fast bright music for sportscaster.

Description: A sweet and groovy vintage funky track, Funky Groove is a tribute to the great Motown and Stax soul records. Made with all the classic elements (drums, bass, horns, mellow retro keyboards), it is a great choice to set up a relaxed and cool vibe to your projects!

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