Description: Funky retro 70s style music with Synth keyboards, brass, strings and drums

Description: An energetic and uplifting groovy instrumental funk rock track featuring fuzz electric guitars, swing drums, tight bass, horn section and rock'n'roll guitar solo. Rocking background music for films, youtube, presentation, games, tv, advertisement, action movies, trailers, commercials and visuals corporate and business videos. 85BPM, Dm musical key.

Description: An old style funky-dance background track.Suitable for the podcast,successful background video, slideshows, news, interviews, promotions,presentations or other events

Description: Fun music track created with guitars, bass, drums, synths, e.orga and brass. Great choice for commercial, vlog, podcast and any other creative work. Cheerful stylish beat that creates good mood and gives you energy.

Description: Fashion easy track in funk and disco style. Lounge electro piano chords, funky wah-wah guitar and style modern percussion. Good for the fashion show, innovative videos, vlog, luxury living, fashion reviews, summer entertaining videos, vj loops, party or luxury brand presentation.

Description: A mellow funky groove with a soflty nostalgic synth melody on top and a piano childish phrase. Bringing back memories of backyard playful days.

Description: A vintage R & B track, made of groovy drums, warm electric bass, funky guitar and cool electric piano.

Description: A laid-back funky groove featuring clavinet and a crunchy guitar riff. A perfect track to convey the bluesy monday laziness feeling!

Description: Funk tune that makes you move. The melody creates optimistic moo for your projects. Catchy happy music for tv or radio program, commercial, vlog and more. The piece is created with drums, bass, guitars, brass, e.piano, percussion and fx.

Description: This is a fun background music performed on drums, bass guitar, electro guitar, synthesizer, trumpets and background vocals. Perfectly suitable for creating a relaxed, joyful atmosphere in media projects and entertainment.

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