Description: Future Advanced Technology - is an advanced high-tech soundtrack.This track with trip-hop elements, corporate music and glitch. Science and achievements do not stand still, but are rapidly moving forward to new discoveries. Digital technologies are introduced in all spheres of mankind. It has a modern sound design and future style. The melody of piano and electric guitars brings a sense of the digital and futuristic. In recording music used instruments such as piano, electric guitar, bass guitar, synthesizers, drums, percussion and other. Perfect: Advanced Technology, innovation technology, sound design technology, glitch technology, electronic technology, medical technology, future bioengineering, science medical, future medical slideshow.

Description: Deep cinematic abstract hip hop composition with sci-fi synths, technical sounds and atmospheric pads. Good for films, games, trailers, video moments, perfomance.

Description: Futuristic ambient atmospheric track. Perfect for using as a background music in science fiction movies and videos.

Description: This is space music, describing the meeting of two UFOs in the vast expanses of space ... Here sound fantastic, wonderful, cosmic sounds of the synthesizer ... Ideal for a sci-fi movie ...

Description: This is a fantastic mystical music, describing space travel ... Here sound fantastic synthesizer sounds, emphasizing the mystical nature of the theme ... Ideal for the image of the cosmos in the film ...

Description: Space ambient crescendo, designed for any visual content with a sci-fi contextualisation. The track is structured as a developing stream of retro-synths melodies that harmonise nicely to acquire a sense of triumphant inspiration and evocative mood. Great for film scoring and inspirational video contents.

Description: An articulated expanse of ethereal, atonal, dense and mysterious sounds

Description: The starry night sky has always driven people, and since ancient times people have known that if the star does not flicker, then this is the planet, and Mercury is one of the most mysterious legendary planets visible to the naked eye ... In this work, the gloomy fantastic timbre of the synthesizer sounds ... Ideally suited to the scene of a fantastic film about star travel ...

Description: Science Fiction and Fantasy creates a mysterious and suspensful atmosphere. Inspired by the work of composers such as Hans Zimmer on films such as Interstellar, the piece is propelled forward by a repeating riff using an unusual harp harmonic sound. Other instruments including piano, church organ, bass, synths and brass are added gradually, building to an epic finale!

Description: Inspiring cinematic sound hollywood with an futuristic hi-tech feel.