Description: Spacial ambience, scient fiction, sounds like an interestellar trip, space travel or being in another planet or remote location

Description: This is an ethereal track with a hypnotic synth bass and an FX piano melody. Always the same hypnotic melody that grows more and more. Perfect for sci-fi and nostalgic scenes.

Description: Intense futuristic trailer with violin strings, percussion, dubstep elements and glitchy effects.

Description: Industrial, metallic, percussive, robotic tune. Postmodern tribal tech. Hi tech, low human life. Nuclear reactors, cement, rainy weather, gray environment.

Description: Evolving soundscape with a nice and simple melody over a sophisticated harmony with pads, effects, lead synths and electonic drums moving through rarefied to dense athmosphere then once again rarefied. It's like a dawn in another world becoming a flare and then a day, and sunset and evening.

Description: Reflective thought provoking and contemplative instrumental melodic ambient track which features multiple synth textures and colors which you can find useful for many production applications. Science and Astrological Documentaries, Spa and Relaxation Television and Motion Picture Credits, Instrumental, Science Fiction, Ambient Soundscape

Description: action, intrigue, tension, dark melodies, low string pads, percolating synthesizer ambience, sci fi, low world, flute flutters

Description: horror, sci fi, creepy, dark string pads with swirly synthesizer swells and sound design, building tension and dissonant string melody

Description: action, sci fi, horror, dark low strings with higher clusters, high piano, movement, building tension, low arco bass strings create a spooky feel, suspenseful with hard percussion hits

Description: sci fi, adventure, eerie, supernatural, low pads, suspense, dark and foreboding, weird soundscape under with percussive sections, heavy percussion hits