Description: A powerful instrumental hit in the genre of orchestral score, strong and determinate in mood, well-suited to make powerful statement or place a weighty emphasis.

Description: 5 second sound to ident your brand on airy high sound of piano, strings and cymbals.

Description: Orchestral film scores by Parsiparla. wait, melancholie, danger, locking for, electronic sounds, piano,

Description: A foreboding instrumental track in the genre of classical music, haunting and fateful in mood, well-suited for scenarios imbued with dark and ominous feelings.

Description: A melodic and modern staccato orchestra track

Description: action, flight, race , energy then danger, tense and race, orchestra symphony

Description: Strong, powerful happy ending in cinematic full orchestral instrumentation with the typical energetic style of Hans Zimmer. See also original full track title for more variants: Glory to the Brave One Variants: 0:10 / 0:06

Description: Orchestral film scores by Parsiparla. dark, danger, tense, fight, orchestral, brass,

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