Description: sad mood played by acoustic guitar and piano with strings underlay

Description: Slow, thoughtful, ethereal, melancholic and passionate. Slightly surreal orchestration marrying piano with synth textures. Great for human emotions, investigation, documentary. Main mix, 60sec A, 60sec B, 30sec and 15sec versions

Description: A futuristic and reflective track based on technological advancements in the current and future. It has a very fast paced & efficient sound, yet sleek and sophisticated. Made to inspire and motivate. The track consists of Electronic synthesizers, Guitars, Contemporary Drums, Piano, Glitches & Vocal chops.

Description: A short emotional piano based track with choir and flute sections.

Description: Positive music depicting the joy in nature. Perfect for themes such as nature, Gaia, earth, new age, panoramic, geographical, travel, drone, movie, trailer, etc.

Description: Acoustic cinematic lounge music good for soundtrack. Rhythmic and moving this music tell a story.

Description: Pop rock acoustic sweet happy positive mid-tempo tambourine guitar bass drums indie thoughtful reflective emotional moving travelling winning winner award reality show.

Description: Sweet, emotional with beautiful piano and string melodies that will stay in your head. With a child-like music box intro and lush orchestration, this gorgeous piece has a soft, innocent lullaby feel of love and tenderness. Great for infant care promos, advertisements and scenes of love.

Description: Light and airy with marimba, kalimba, piano, ethnic percussion, (Udo, Djambe, talking drum), and subtle synthesizers. Feels like a walk through the rain forest.

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