Description: Chocolate Trancewill inspire your creative projects, movies, video game walkthroughs, and YouTube videos. Contact Arlo for custom made tracks, build-ups, and sound designs!

Description: Epic Trance is a full length track that has epic break-down with strings, choir, orchestral drums, and emotional main part. If you are looking for melodic, modern, and epic electronic dance music, for game, video or any other production

Description: smooth electronic style beat filled with a variety of instruments creating a relaxed track.

Description: classic 90s piano trance with a very slow newage breakdown.

Description: this is a remix of meltdown. the new mix is by the french producer danton eeprom and london based dj simon acetone.

Description: beautiful delicate electronic music.

Description: This composition is ideal for travel or a small trip. In other case, can be used in quality background music in your project. Interesting original bit, unique sound effects and rhytm-breaks. This track causes especial mood.