Description: Epic soundtrack music arrangement for movie trailers. Evocative and powerful strings and ethnic percussion. Uplifting ceremonial and grand theme, inspiring, full of hope, growth and progress. Triumphant orchestral stings, world beat, cinematic.

Description: Deep mystical soundtrack with abstract and hip hop elements. Groovy bassline layered with lead metallic saw synths, electric pianos, cool squences, vocoder sound FX, percussion claps and drum beats. Tension building, thriller, stealth, energetic, determined.

Description: Soothing and stimulating at the same time.Relaxing electric violins, moog and piano instrumentals. Ambient electro, chill, melodic, beautiful acoustic music. Beach vacation sounds, relaxing, peaceful, joyful holiday, thoughtful, dreamy, atmospheric, upbeat, happy.

Description: The final installment of the Epic war compositions. what becomes of a war? Peace and comprehension. An almost meditative and epic composition. Deep, contemplative, intense, victorious, emotional, film score, future possibilities, determined, new age acoustic.

Description: Medium tempo techno chillout soundtrack for thriller and action movies projects. Powered with techno beats, stylish synths, arpeggios and pulsating bassline. Tension, intelligent, thoughtful, tactical thinking, planning, interesting patterns, energetic and stealthy.

Description: Slick neo-noir dubstep mix with unique abstract ambient sounds, heavy beats and roaring bass. Thriller beats, race music, fast, sneaky, fight, revengeful, playful, chasing, sci-fi undertones, unknown puzzle.

Description: Sizzling hip hop mix with swing interludes and deep vocoder punches, funny, energetic, playful. Peppy notes, naughty and mischevious, edgy, animated, bold, game soundtrack, adventure, springy and bouncy, happy.

Description: Everything war has a beginning. Orchestral film score perfect for epic movies, television and games.Horns strings and bellowing percussion fortells that a war is brewing.The first installment in the Epic war compostions. Anticipation, tension, excitement, planning, energy and emotion rolled into one. Edgy and emotive, revengeful, strong and determined. Confidant, poised to strike, battlefield, sacrifice, loyalty.

Description: Road trip rock music packed with lots of sunshine and positive energy.Liberating and uplifting.Perfect for commercials featuring youth and travel. Fresh vibrant guitar, adventurous world beat, discovery and exploration, excitement and anticipation.

Description: Romantic chillout with the mellow guitar and pianos, titillating strings and rock drum beats. Sweet and charming bassline with a multilayered tapestry soundscape. Peaceful and uplifting, hope, joyful and inspiring beats. Melodic, positive, and anticipatory with growth and progress undertones.

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