Description: Jet Propulsion Boat: 420 Hp: Ext: Constant Maneuvers In Front Of Mic, Water Lapping On Shore; Jet Propulsion Boats

Description: Boat with Engine; Run ( Ext. ); Throaty Engine Which Eventually Slows And Then Stops.

Description: Large Passenger Steam Ferry: On Board: Steam Whistle Blasts, Horn Miscellaneous Commercial Watercraft

Description: Tugboat Horn; Vintage Recording; Horns

Description: BOATS & SHIPS HORN: EXT: 1 long, 5 short distant blasts. Dock activity in background. Queen Mary.

Description: AirboatRunHigh_S011TW.2 transportation, watercraft, airboat, run, high, speed, long, on, board, perspective

Description: Large Vessel Cutting Through Water, Bow Crashing Against Waves Miscellaneous Commercial Watercraft