Description: Mockingbird, Northern Tweets. High, Rhythmic Mockingbird Tweets And Wing Flutters In The Foreground With Other Birds Chirping In The Background.

Description: Blackbird, Yellow-headed Chirps, Warbles, Tweets, Squawks. Several Different Calls From Various Birds In The Foreground And Background. Chirps, Warbles, Tweets And Squawks Are All Heard.

Description: ANIMALS-WILD FROGS: Peepers, increasing in volume as night falls, song bird background, Vermont, July.

Description: Gull, California Squawking. A Large Group Of Gulls Squawking As If Fighting For Food. Ocean Ambience In The Background. Bird.

Description: Whale, Humpback Calls, Singing. Multiple Naturally Reverberant Calls, Very Clear Singing Tones. Medium Perspective.

Description: Pigeons and ringed doves with distant crows. ( U.K.).

Description: A Small Group Of Horses Whinny And Trot And Are Joined By Several More Trotting And Whinnying.

Description: Grosbeak, Black-headed Chirps, Song. Single Song-like Chirps With Light Background Bird Ambience. Close Perspective.

Description: ANIMALS-BIRD BGS AFRICA: Plovers, Ibis calls, ducks, doves, lapping water in background, Zimbabwe. Zambezi banks atmosphere.