Description: Time or events speeded up, fast forward. Busy uptempo finger picked acoustic guitar. 60 and 30 sec versions

Description: A beautiful rendition of ""Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"".

Description: Warm and sentimental featuring solo acoustic piano creating a reflective mood.

Description: Wonderful African music with creative percussion and intricate effects. Great world music for documentaries, wide scope of world influences, high end production with real instruments. Several mixes available.

Description: Positive pop rock with an indie vibe. Driving with friendly confidence.

Description: Little funny italian "liscio" track. Dancing in a little retro dancehall. Catchy and pure melody

Description: Quirky promotional cue that builds in the middle.

Description: A warm and whimsical jazz swing tune with commanding drums brushes throughout plus piano, acoustic bass and piano.

Description: Driving, Energetic, Upbeat, Good Transitions and hits throughout. Cool intro and Strong ending.

Description: drum and bass style music slower and classical feel.

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