Description: Mellow groove with fender rhodes & wah guitar combined with trumpet phrases

Description: Laid-back jazzy lounge track

Description: Fresh and funky, this piece has a jazz-funk feel with a piano lightly playing a catchy melody. The groove is intensified by baritone saxophones emphasising the cool bassline. Stylish with a lot of class. Also available as a Full Track (Underscore), Loop 1 , Loop 2, Loop 3 and as a Sting. Disco, funk, Instrumental, RnB Music,Funk

Description: Light nightclub jazz groove with piano and rhythm section.

Description: Cool jazz piece with elegant lounge feel

Description: A relaxing and chilled-out track featuring jazz guitar, keys, vibraphone, organ and walking bass. With interwoven themes and lead instruments, it has a cool, fresh groove throughout. Mellow and clean, it's ideal for a lounge, bar, restaurant or coffee shop, and perfect for TV, advertising or Film.

Description: A very, very laid back and relaxed sultry jazz tune with electric piano, piano, acoustic bass, drums and acoustic guitar.

Description: There's been a murder in the blue motel.. and the killer is out loose! This is a cinematic noir theme full of mystery and suspense with dark elements like spooky guitars and haunted pianos. Use this audio as a soundtrack for movies or for your project to amplify the darkness and curiosity to your viewer.

Description: Jazz track featuring hollow-body electric guitar, piano and upright bass.