Description: Look at the window - swirling snowflakes are everywhere! This cool cheerful music track with defined rhythm is about winter weather, vacations and fun. The tune features bells, electronic piano, synths and drums. It can accompany a holiday project, application, commercial, podcast and other.

Description: Christmas is in the air and it is time to get ready for holiday season. Colorful sparkling lights on the streets, falling snow, sales in malls - what also can you imagine when listening to this Christmas music track? This cheerful magical piece created special for your holiday projecs like commercials, family videos, presentations, app, etc.

Description: Imagine yourself sitting at fireplace, drinking hot chocolate and chatting with friends or family on Christmas night. This calm magical music track creates cozy atmosphere of family celebration. Wonderful choice for presentations, commercials, Christmas videos, podcasts.

Description: Nice holiday tune featuring bells, strings, guitars, drums and synths. The track is full of Christmas spirit with falling snow, sparlking lights and holiday mood. This serene piece is good for commercials, vlogs, presentations, etc.

Description: Nice holiday music track that creates magical holiday atmosphere. Piano and bells make fairytale vibe that will work well as a background of your projects like mobile application, presentation, holiday video.

Description: High quality Christmas music track featuring bells, guitar, strings, synths.This magical beautiful tune can be used in various holiday projects like videos, presentations, commercials.

Description: Beautiful holiday theme with magical bells, guitar, strings and synths. Add Christmas flavour to your projects with this tune! Use it in movies, commercials, presentations, vlogs, applications.

Description: Magical Christmas is coming! This upbeat music track can accompany holiday commercial, presentation, film trailer and many more. Bells, strings, guitars, piano, accordion and synths create atmosphere of celebration. Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Description: Cheerful Christmas tune suitable for many projects: videos, presentations, corporate content, apps. We used various instruments like bells, guitar, strings, brass, piano, claps and synths. The track creates joyful mood.

Description: Holiday music track with bells, guitar and strings. Warm magical mood of this track create perfect accompaniment for Christmas projects, commercials, movie and other projects.