Description: Explosive funk dance music. Motivational and uplifting. Slap bass and funky guitars gives this music great groove. Available versions: Full track, 1min, 30sec, loop 1 and loop 2.

Description: Slow tempo funk music, with touch of Jazz. Very romantic, inspiring and uplifting. Works great with video. Available versions: Full track, short edit, loop 1 and loop 2.

Description: EDM Funk music, with Sax theme. Very dynamic, uplifting and positive. Good for aerobics and workout too. Available versions: Full track, 1 min, 30sec, loop 1 and loop 2 edit.

Description: LOOP VERSION of mid-tempo, uplifting and friendly background music with strong feeling of summer and freshness. Funk guitars and a dance beat underscore give the track a good sense of motion and forward drive, and great groove. Available versions: loop version, full track 3:18 and short edit.

Description: Happy and bright funky music with super clean and wah guitars, groovy drums, brass section and cool bass lines. Great for lifestyle, cooking shows, TV shows openings, presentations, youtube videos, adverts, slideshows and many more.

Description: Cool, funky retro track with solid rhythm section groove and horns. Great for uplifting, positive, happy use!

Description: Funky, jumpy track with cool drum groove, funky, guitar, bass and organ. Great for uplifting, happy, comical background track.

Description: Funky and groovy track in funk genre featuring electric guitars, keyboards, bass guitar and drums. This cool and colorful track is great for trailers, commercials, motivational videos, corporate uses, product promos, presentations, TV, radio and film.

Description: A joyful instrumental track in the genres of funk and world beat, optimistic and playful in mood, well-suited for scenarios imbued with excitement, humor, optimism, and inspiration.