Description: Dramatic piano solo, close and intimate, with attention paid to every note.

Description: loud and percussive, it was written with an explosion in mind. it is rhythmic and big orchestral, and then quiets down to piano.

Description: Starting with a low hum, this nautical-inspired cue has a feeling of weightlessness and light and dark mixing under the surface.

Description: A more empty and minimalist version of the full Adrift Beyond the Togey, this version has much more open space and muted silence, giving it a more emotional and intimate feeling.

Description: a night time scene, where the wrong man is right around the corner, and he is closing in on you.

Description: light and simple at first, it builds up a rhythmic and complex arrangement, only to fall back to simple and light.

Description: Strings-only version of the Heroes Requiem full version track. Thick lush long string chords with a techno/ambient edge to it.

Description: fun and playful at first, the piece slowly gets darker and darker with heavier low sounds and ethnic percussion rhythms.

Description: action sequence with mexican influcnces, tension, drama, strings and brass,.

Description: A stripped-down, minimal version of Lagan Recovered - Full Version. Beautiful and simplistic, it is a conversation between the harp and the piano, and their mutual joy of music.

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