Description: Beautiful sunken treasure reflects the sun rays

Description: Observation and contemplation with tragic thoughts and nuances

Description: Live, melodic and expressive piano-trumpet dialog with very elegant string orchestra development, which includes a "strange" virtuosic part with mystical expectations.

Description: Observing a weird and dark world, where enchanted plants and inhabitants have natural and unnatural features. Ominous culmination.

Description: Two virtuosic jazz pianists teasing each other by their sounds

Description: Dance of weird friendly and unfriendly figures with ominous laughs, expressed by virtuosic hoboe passages-screams.

Description: Unexpected romantic meeting with mystical reminiscenses and deja vu. Weird rhythms express the surprising discoveries.

Description: Calm and happy walking in a beautiful park. Observing a regular life with a subconscious expectation of mystical events.

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