Description: Majestic powerful happy ending in full orchestration. See also full track and other variants: Victory and Peace, Bright Soft Intro or Happy Ending, Happy Majestic Epic Power Ending Variants: 0:45 / 0:18 / 0:10.

Description: Beautiful emotional intro or ending. Wondrous flute. Variants: 0:35 Chanting / 0:35 Flute.

Description: Epic orchestral theme/trailer, brutal trailer cuts with tension builds-ups and big fat Hollywood ending. Mighty brass, full strings, wardrums, cymbals and timpani beat. Suitable for a movie or game trailer for fantasy adventures. Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Rome, Spartacus Blood and Sand, World of Warcraft, Diablo, Conan. Available with/without choir in Trailer style (1:00/1:30) and Flowing Orchestration Style (1:30/0:55/0:40/0:30) and 8 Stinger. Variants: with/wo choir in Trailer style (1:00/1:30) and Flowing Orchestration Style (1:30/0:55/0:40/0:30) and 8 Stinger.

Description: Big and Epic Battle track with mighty dark and threatening brass, perfect seamless loop. Great for interactive battles. Armies clash on the battle field. The hero fights a cruel dark opponent. Variants: 47s Loop / 30s Loop with Fighting Noise

Description: Orchestral dark ending in ominous and foreboding mood. Scenarios: battle lost, game over or try again.

Description: Raw and brutal tension, building up over time to hectic and intense action, culminating in a fat powerful riser with final confrontational impact. The style is a mix of dramatic thrilling orchestral strings, cruel aggressive heavy metal guitars. A dark, hectic and forceful beat supports with mighty bombastic trailer effects. Variants: 1:14 [Normal/No Ticking] / 1:00 / 0:30 [Normal/No Ticking] / 0:09 / 0:05

Description: Fun playful and whimsical little song with tuba, bassoon, flute and percussion. Funny adventures. Tricky Pirates. Platform video games. Magical forest. Playful adventurous fun! Background music for all kinds of video games, tales, stories and cartoons. Variants: 2:01 / 2:00 No-Melody / 2:00 Loop / 1:00 / 0:58 Loop / 0:30 / 0:04 Minor / 0:04 Major

Description: Optimistic and bright with adventurous tricks and turns for fun and playful adventures with a light, happy and positive feeling. Notable instruments: glockenspiel, triangle, flute, harp, bassoon and oboe, backed up by small string ensemble. Moods varies from sweet, relaxed, playful and funny into a gleeful, bouncy, quirky and tricky mood. Variants: 4:00 Loop / 2:00 Loop / 1:00 / 1:00 Loop / 0:30 Loop / 0:30 Loop / 0:10 Snippet and 3 different 0:05 Snippets.

Description: Peaceful, tranquil feeling. Slow, soft with amtmospheric strings, wondrous harp. Beautiful views of landscape and romantic nature, drama. Mellow start, goes into bright and beautiful ending. Artist style: Howard Shore. Variants: 2 Min Loop/1:47/1 Min Loop/60 sec/30 sec Loop/15 sec Intro

Description: Orchestral building happy ending in epic style, full orchestration. Variants: 0:35 / 0:15