Description: Orchestral - Majestic Themes - A Timpani driven march ala Evening News / 60 Minutes Theme breaking the Days' urgent events. 120 BPM, Fast

Description: Orchestral - Majestic Themes - A wistful romp of a piece with a techno-y backbeat driving a poppy techno orchestral melody. 118 BPM, Fast

Description: Orchestral - Majestic Themes - A poppy orchestral wistful romp with a steady backbeat and a happy melody. 118 BPM, Fast

Description: Dark, scary and intense orchestra music, from the deepest pit of Hell.

Description: Massive, heroism, suspenseful and tense epic exciting melody performed by large orchestra, choir, percussion and big epic drums . A lot of energy, A sense of victory, glory, winning a difficult challenge. Motivating and inspiring. Perfect for game shows, movies depicting bravery, sports action sequences and would be perfect for or any scene that needs music with a lot of drive and excitement.

Description: Traditional country style track designed with fun and wacky wild west elements. Suggests a state of panic such as running around a farm yard trying to catch an animal going wild. Great track for upbeat lively comedy purposes. Also, very useful for comic, comedy, animation or cartoon scenes. A funny themed track useful for animal themes.

Description: The part of my track In The Fictional Side that contains slow distorted rhythm and epic pads

Description: dramatic, drums, electric guitar, electric organ, passionate, powerful, saxophone, sexy, synthesiser, trumpet, rock band, blues

Description: bassoon, brass, cello, flute, flutes, harp, horns, oboe, orchestra, violin, strings, drums, film, score, movie, melancholic, dramatic, dreamy, happy, light, peaceful, romantic, soft

Description: Scotland, Scottish, Ireland, Irish, movie, game, Celts, Gauls, fantasy, theater, Clarinet, Basson, a tambourine, a sinister, mystical, heroic, battle, danger, dramatic, dreamy, epic, hopeful, light, magical, optimistic, patriotic, positive, travel, brass, cello, drums, double bass, flute, flutes, horns, oboe, orchestra, strings, trumpet, violin, pre 15th century, 16th century, 17th century, 18th century, celtic