Description: Fast and hard chase scene. Percussion elements only.

Description: This 30-sec track has the potential to put a smile on the face of any pre-schooler while they watch their favorite cartoon. Woodwinds provide a staccato waltz while the added strings evoke images of dancing bears. Perfect for animated children's shows, educational videos or kids' video games.

Description: Imagine the last waltz in Beauty and the Beast. All the castle characters are pairing up for the beautiful ending! A whimsical waltz that is perfect for a variety of scenes. Great for scenes in family dramas that have a happy ambiance. Strings play the waltz bass with woodwinds providing the charm.

Description: Paranormal activity in your production? This instrumental evokes creepy anticipation with its low strings and acoustic piano. Woodwinds and percussion add to the drama at 0:10 with full strings from 0:28 to the end. Climactic ending perfect for a "boo" at the end of a scene.

Description: Imagine a 1950's b&w scene with a happy couple skipping along in front of shop windows arm in arm. Bouncy woodwinds set the stage with light percussion and strings joining in on the fun at 0:06 and 0:13. Perfect for kids' shows, cartoons, or any scene needing an interjection of bounce and fun!

Description: Film score cue in the vain of the movie Inception.

Description: Continuous building of energy throughout this instrumental as strings, winds and brass repeat the melodic motif in various registers. Full orchestration at 1:07 with plenty of opportunities for voice overs. Bold ending with no fading. Perfect for dramatic scenes needing movement and build.

Description: Imagine a Hollywood film ending with unanswered questions. Bells replicate the sound of a clock and introduce continual strings, with a cello dropping in at 0:08. Percussion and sampled voices accompany the strings to add interest to the drama. Perfect for any dramatic scene or event.

Description: Rocky Balboa meets The Fighter. This inspirational instrumental can portray any uplifting story of self-empowerment. A fighter meets his nemesis or a battalion preps for war. Low strings, percussion and synth sounds compliment the strings in this epic drama. Great for video games.

Description: Imagine a child playing with toys or dogs doing something comical.

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