Description: Unraveling a mystery. This instrumental song creates an atmosphere of confronting a difficult problem.

Description: With guitar, bass and piano, this instrumental creates a positive, serene mood. The toe-tapping rhythm and simple melody are simply a smile in audio form.

Description: The golden sun filtered through fresh green leaves on a clear summer morning. Feel the warmth in this instrumental. From that beginning, the song goes through several transitions, ending with a peaceful, relaxing ending.

Description: A beautiful acoustic guitar song with a prayerful, positive mood. The song follows a simple uplifting melody supported by fingerpicked rhythm and harmonies. A wonderful song that truly inspires.

Description: An instrumental about taking action, having a resolve to move forward despite obstacles. The song emphasizes progress and flow as it travels through several beautiful sections.

Description: The sound of soft raindrops builds into a sweeping, dramatic instrumental. With pulsing rhythm, dissonant chords chime and dissipate reaching a sweeping climax. The water then flows underground, with mystery.

Description: An interesting song with two distinct parts. It begins with a simple acoustic guitar part with light drums. In the second half, the song awakens with electric guitar. It drives into an exciting, dissonant crescendo.

Description: A fast moving acoustic guitar instrumental with positive, reaffirming vibes. This song has a strong melody and a nice toe-tapping rhythm.

Description: An instrumental ode to those who live for hard, rewarding labor -- building things, changing landscapes, swinging hammers. This song gets right down to business with a simple rhythm, no-nonsense melody and steady, workman-like pacing. Great background music for hard working, fun loving characters.

Description: A short, simple guitar instrumental. It has a relaxing, calm vibe with a questioning mood. Layers of harmony, rhythm and dissonance give a sense of deepness to this simple piece.