Description: dubstep, breaks, drum and bass, dnb, dub, hip hop, knife party, miami, edm, ibiza, skrillex, USA, cinematic, soundtrack, theme

Description: rock, pop, aggressive, action, modern, groove, mean, intense and powerful

Description: hip, modern, groove, synth lines, strings, sequence lines, building motion, cool pulse, loops

Description: This is saturated, bright, catchy, powerful, fashion, modern and stylish dubstep track with such elements as glitches and wobble. Perfect for advertising, exercise, sports videos, presentations, entertainment industries and more!

Description: A powerful down tempo Dance track with Dubstep elements. Driven by a strong melodic hook and beautiful ballad piano. Beams elegance, celebration, glamour and good taste. Featuring electronic instruments and a piano. Suitable for product demonstrations, stage artistic acts, commercials, podcast intros and theme music.

Description: Heavy electronic drum and bass with a bubbling bed of dub bass, electronic percussion, synthesizer sound effects, modulation wobble, and blips. A funky futuristic beat that's accompanied by an ambient string pad and choir melody. 97 beats per minute.

Description: Hardcore, edgy Dubstep track with powerful beat and gripping synths. Energetic, dynamic and fun!

Description: Magnificent track in epichny dubstep style! Strong and powerful sounds of a fat bass, powerful percussions and dynamic epic transitions! Magnificent combination of force and beauty!

Description: A powerful guitar riff music with a lot of distortion, electric bass and electronic synth. Perfect for action game, sport movie, fight scenes and dynamic video.