Description: Beautiful song that sketches a warm rain shower. Catchy melodies with piano, electric and acoustic guitars, hammond organ, strings, percussion and drum kit at the end. Easy listening feel with a claim.

Description: This track combines influences of asia and middle eastern. Although its very universal. For me a favourite in documentarys, travel videos or live shows.

Description: This track could be a main theme for a fictitious movie with the man who has in one hand a martini (shaken, not stirred) and in the other a Walther PPK to blow away the bad guys. These guys are brilliant hacker from an unnamed area and want to erase the entire internet for example... ;-) Have fun!

Description: Dreamy and atmospheric electronica track. With its slightly pensive and flowing feel it works well as background music for scientific, space, travel projects and more.

Description: A little bit dark but melodic piece. It has a feel of a main theme for a movie or game in the action or fantasy genre.

Description: Tonight nothing's gonna disturb me. A relaxed evening on a late summer day. A continuous drumgroove with epiano, alto sax, synth and some noise effects in the background which give this track a little magic.

Description: A positive track with a catchy glockenspiel melody. Funky guitar, piano, acoustic guitar solo and a straight rhythm. Easy and uplifting mood. Also available as 60 and 30 second version.

Description: Some vinyl, some cool, some modern: something new. Rhythmic vinyl crackle sounds combined with synth themes and patterns make this song to an accommodating background track for corporate videos, slideshows and much more.

Description: A background track for many applications with a carefree feeling. Acoustic piano accompanied by drums, strings, bass and a pick guitar. Relaxed and smooth.

Description: Very dark piece with nervous feel, five minutes to midnight. You can't bear it. Totally confused. And the time runs. Could be used in documentations about impacts on the environment or in movies as a dark and mysterious background feel.

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