Description: Positive guitar melody over a bed of rising power chords - inspired by the image of a bright orange sun on the horizon and waves crashing on the shore.

Description: strange weaving bass and string-like synth lines. images of tubes, the future, subway or commuter trains.

Description: Hopeful uplifting track reminiscent of Pink Floyd. Includes synths, pads, and effected acoustic guitars.

Description: Experimental, unique,, blend of electronic and organic instruments to convey a feeling of triumph, hope and victory.

Description: Lazy minor key melancholy strings, clean distant guitars, piano melody and laid back tom-tom jazz drums arranged take the listener on a trip to another place and time.

Description: upbeat mix of driving drums, techno dance electro percussion and intense guitar.

Description: A power pop anthem with dark chord structure and heavy guitars and synths/pads. Contains elements of electronic, hip hop and wah-wah guitar.

Description: Pads, mellotron, sirens and a hip hop beat. This track features the grit of a needle on an LP vinyl record...remember those?

Description: An uptempo pop punk rock version of the holiday classic. Features lead guitar playing the main melody. Suitable for travel, retail commercial or any Christmas time tidings of cheer and goodwill!

Description: An electronic track with elements of pop, hip hop and dance. Perfect for reality show score for a club or bar scene background or a night out hitting the streets.

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