Description: This positive and driving song has a feel like cruising down the open road to new adventures on a summer evening. Evokes images of hope and wonder, movement and success. Very down to earth with an acoustic and slightly western Americana feel.

Description: This pleasing, mellow tune begins with a sparse organ and piano riff behind a simple, childlike melody, and builds up as goes along, adding acoustic guitar and other instruments. Has an early morning driving feel, as if watching the sun rise while driving on a country freeway.

Description: Played in waltz time and driven by a fingerpicked acoustic guitar, strummed ukulele, and a simple piano melody, this song is very low key and sentimental but drives at a steady dancing pace. Invokes images of a summer evening in the country.

Description: Driven by a finger picked guitar and strummed ukulele, this song is low key but driving with a steady rhythm. Positive and optimistic, yet sentimental, nostalgic and with a wistful feeling. Perfect for background music where a feeling of memory and looking back is required.

Description: Driven by a fingerpicked guitar and a strummed ukulele accompanied by various keyboard instruments, this song moves ahead at a steady pace, with a slightly fuller chorus than the verse section. Evokes images of peace and optimism, but also a determined feel, especially nearing the end of the song.

Description: Driven by two fingerpicked acoustic guitars and a piano, this song drives with a mellow and positive feeling, building up in the second half for a feeling of stronger movement. Evokes the feeling of heading toward the weekend after a really good work week.

Description: This track drives but is at the same time mellow and emotional. Combining picked and strummed acoustic guitar with a piano and electronic instruments, this song evokes feelings of peace and hope of good things to come. It's slightly introspective, but in a confident way.

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