Description: Nostalgic lullaby using electric piano, upright bass and guitars. Got a mellow distant quality to it. As more instrumentation is added, the mood becomes more uplifting.

Description: Very slow track using jazzy piano chords as a rhythm while the trumpets add melody. Very soothing and discreet. Would do well as a background tune as it won't distract too much from the primary focus.

Description: Mellow but upbeat acoustic guitar track with lvery ight percussion, Got a positive relaxed vibe about it that continues throughout.

Description: Two acoustic guitars play a relaxed melody against the soothing sound of the waves in the background. Would be suitable for any number of applications that aim to relax the mind.

Description: Dreamy acoustic track with a jazzy feel. Slow tempo. Would be ideal for a project that wishes to convey a little bit of sadness and nostalgia.

Description: Cheery acoustic song with an upbeat rhythm. Has a certain child-like quality to it.

Description: Mellow folk track using acoustic guitars only. Has an easygoing flow through to the end. Friendly vibes.

Description: Electric piano and bird sounds make up this one minute loop to inspire a tranquil early morning feel.

Description: Relaxing ambient 30 sec loop suitable for background application. Very chilled out but uplifting tone

Description: Atmospheric ambient track that remains slow and steady throughout. Very relaxing vibe throughout. Would be ideal for anyone looking for gentle soundscapes that don't overpower their projects

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